New 2023 Toyota GR Supra Inventory at Blackstone Toyota in Fresno, CA

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Why you should drive the New Toyota GR Supra?

The New GR Supra, currently in its 5th generation, is Toyota’s flagship luxury sports car. The Supra is widely celebrated for its exciting and colorful heritage. It has been atop car headlines for years and has garnered the appreciation of motor enthusiasts from across the globe. This reputation is fast growing, with the Supra becoming one of the most coveted sports cars.

What updates are available for 2023?

It would be best to note the addition of a manual transmission for the 2023 GR Supra. This update was availed following appeals by enthusiasts to have this configuration introduced. Toyota has also revamped the suspension and steering setup for improved handling and cornering. The 2023 Supra also receives an innovative feature update called the Hairpin +. This technology allows each one of the rear wheels to spin faster than the other when needed. Enthusiasts who love to drive fast on windy roads will greatly appreciate this feature, making navigating these turns easy.

What powers the high performance?

The entry-level GR Supra is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, putting out 255 hp. Those needing more power and thrill may consider the 3.0-liter inline-6 engine, similar to the one in the BMW Z4 M40i. This setup produces 335 hp, making it a commendable fast sports car. These engines are supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission. Enthusiasts can choose a 6-speed manual transmission option for a more engaging driving experience. Toyota goes the extra mile to ensure proper and comfortable handling of the Supra, adding to its intrigue. With such intense performance, the Supra makes for an exciting daily driver for those in Selma, CA and Lemoore, CA. It would be good to note that the Supra’s powertrain allows for quick acceleration and fast driving without compromising fuel economy.

Styled to stand out

The new Toyota GR Supra has unique and aggressive exterior styling. The double bubble roof complements the front fascia and grille, giving it an exotic look. The LED headlight and air vents in the grille are guaranteed to draw attention when driving around Clovis, CA and Madera, CA.

Cutting-edge technology and safety

The new 2023 GR Supra has an updated 8.8-inch display with exceptional graphic quality, heightening the cabin infotainment experience. Car owners find this infotainment system extremely user-friendly and convenient while driving. This infotainment system also features the brand’s Supra Command system and a much-needed navigation system.

A safe sports car

Sports cars are built to push the limits of driving. Safety is a vital consideration when building these vehicles for market use. Toyota remains one of the leading global automakers when it comes to safety. This sentiment is reflected in how the GR Supra is fitted with the latest driver assistance and safety features.


The new GR Supra delivers a competitive sports car experience at an affordable price. This unit retails at commendable pricing, allowing its owner to experience luxury and sports car utility on par with similarly featured but costly models from other automakers. This makes the Supra the ideal sports car for those on a budget. Getting this driving experience and performance at such a low-cost guarantees immense value. Collectors worldwide are after these units with enthusiasm, as seen with the demand for the limited A91 Edition.

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The new Toyota GR Supra is a formidable sports car, guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go. Its thoughtful build allows it to live up to the Supra name. Feel free to visit us at Blackstone Toyota in Fresno, CA for a thrilling test drive of this luxury sports car.

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