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Toyota models are built to last, and you can rely on them too. However, it needs regular servicing from Blackstone Toyota to ensure your vehicle lasts a long time. Here are some services we highly recommend at our location.



Your tires move the vehicle, so you should pay attention to servicing them regularly. Neglecting tire services may make the vehicle unsafe to drive and increase the risk of blowouts.

Tire rotation swaps tire positions, such as back with the front, to ensure the tread or rubber components wear evenly. The rotations not only make the vehicle safer, but they also prolong their life and improve their grip on the road.

Tire inflation helps reduce the friction between the road and tires for a smoother ride. Tire inflation is even more important when the weather cools because tire pressure can decrease by one PSI per 10-degree temperature drop.


Brakes are another important component, and they should stop the vehicle immediately when you press them. However, parts, such as brake pads and calipers, can wear, and brake fluid can get low.

Many modern vehicles have a mechanism that causes the brakes to screech when worn out. Other signs your brakes need servicing to include pulling to one side, soft pedal, shaking steering wheel, and illuminated brake light.

Oil Change

Since oil sends power to the engine, it is essential to ensure it is at the right level. Engine oil also helps keep the components clean, which reduces friction between them, but it can get filled with sludge.

Not getting regular oil changes may cause the engine to overheat, which makes the vehicle dangerous to drive. Other signs your oil needs changing include poor fuel economy, the oil smells, knocking sounds, and the check engine light.

Why Choose Us?

We at Blackstone Toyota want to help you stay on the road and extend your vehicle’s life. Our technicians know your Toyota vehicle and what it needs without guessing because they use the latest diagnostic tools and are factory trained.

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